Dr. Dal Carlo is a Charter Member of A.I.S.I. (Accademia Italiana di Stomatologia Implantoprotesica) and President of NuovoGISI (Nuovo Gruppo Italiano Studi Implantari).  He is the author of a number of scientific articles and book chapters on dental implants and prosthodontics. 
Throughout the years Dr. Dal Carlo has lectured at dental society and specialty meetings and participated in a number of continuing education programs as a presenter and demonstrator.  He co-authored an article, "A New Look at the Blade Implant," along with Drs. Leonard I. Linkow, Sheldon Winkler, Mike Shulman, Marco E. Pasqualini, Franco Rossi, and Michele Nardone, which appeared in the Journal of Oral Implantology in August 2016 (Volume 42, Number 4).  Another recent publication co-authored by Dr. Dal Carlo in the Journal of Oral Implantology, "Immediate Loading of Maxillary One-Piece Screw Implants Utilizing Intramural Welding: A Case Report,” was published in August, 2015 (Volume 41, Number 4).

Doctor Dal Carlo is a Master of the American Academy of Implant prosthodontics.

Dr. Luca Dal Carlo of Venice, Italy, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the AAIP for a three-year term.  Dr. Dal Carlo was graduated from the University of Padua (Italy) specializing in odontology and prosthetic dentistry.  He began his dental practice in 1988, the same year as his graduation from  professional school, and started placing dental implants the following year.